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MOST BUSINESSES THAT SURVIVE for two years or longer have what Captain D calls an OH WOW!!! FACTOR. In a world of broken businesses, they bring to the fore something Special, something of Real and Pure Magick, something that compels people to exult, OH WOW!!! For such concerns, inclusion in this Guide is free. This Site is devoted to giving them the recognition they deserve. They are featured here not because they're willing to part with ad bucks, but because they have a readily identifiable Oh Wow Factor!!! They are the Best at what they do, or the Least Expensive, or the Most Exciting, or Most Deserving, or Utterly Unique in some other Impressive way.  Every Entry is Oh Wow Worthy. You can rely on Captain D's discernment. He has been writing Downeast guidebooks for nearly half a century. Nobody else knows Downeast Maine like Captain D. When he goes "Oh Wow!!!" he absolutely means it. You can take that to the bank.